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Liv Runesdatter, Laura Bowler, Kate Lane & Valentina Ceschi

Composition: Laura Bowler & Song Circus
 Writer: Lavinia Murray
Director: Valentina Ceschi
Scenography: Kate Lane

Song Book of Breast is a devised new music piece which explores both the personal and the public relationship with the Breast.  Drawing on scientific, the mythical and artistic representations to create a live performance where the design, sound and direction are equal catalysts in the devising process.

This piece is a collaboration between Liv Runesdatter from Song Circus, composer Laura Bowler and Brave New Worlds Valentina Ceschi and Kate Lane with writing by Lavinia Murray.  It will be performed by Norwegian collective Song Circus.  The piece has been developed at Tou Scene; Norway and will premiered in Spring 2019.


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