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Concept,  Direction & Design :
Valentina Ceschi & Kate Lane

Sound Artist: Caroline Devine
  Performers: Josephine Auffray, Valentina Ceschi, Jennifer Fletcher, Natalie Nicole James and Kate Lane
Associate Director : Jennifer Fletcher

Dramaturg: Athena Stevens

Assistant Designer: Sonia Odera

Film Director: Tom Ellis

360 Film: Ben Turnbull

Photographer: Camilia Greenwell

Chorus Participants:

Jen Baxendale, Phoebe Baxendale, Angela Bylos, Chloe Bush, Ellie-Rose Bennett, Tracy Cox, Emma Curtis, Maria Crocker, Zea Daniels, Naomi Da Silva, Lou Gavin, Penny Henrion, Julie Higgs, Katie Higgs, Jennifer Lancaster, Katherine Lewis, Hannah Mauvis, Rebecca Miles, Hannah Morrison, Sarah Naylor, Bethany Nicholls, Lucy Riordan, Leona Rodway, Amanda Salter, Louise Sanches, Bethany Saunders, Donna Smith, Judith Staig, Laura Truesdale, Lynne Wilkes, Sophie Willcocks.   

The voices of Jenny Hammond, Joelle Taylor, Anna Scott Hayward and Lynette Edwell feature in the soundwalk. 

A visceral visual landscape with an immersive sound experience, Greenham is a site-responsive performance on Greenham Common, the former site of the American Army base and the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp in the 1980s. This specially commissioned performance will look at the way nature reclaims land and will be the first in a series of new works looking at ‘women and power’. The performance is be the culmination of two weeks research and development at 101 Outdoor Arts,

Performance Date: 26 July 2019

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