Concept,  Direction & Design :
Valentina Ceschi, Guoda Jaruševičiūtė & Kate Lane

Originial Music : Demetrio Castellucci
Lighting : Darren Johnston

Photographer: Camilia Greenwell

TRINITY explores the aesthetics and ideas of sacredness in our western visual culture, challenging the objectification and iconification of the female form, from the Venus of Willendorf to the Virgin Mary. The performance looks at the representation, mutation and transformation of the body in our collective visual consciousness, and explores the idea of "the other" from Renaissance Art through to folklore and popular culture.
It is a Brave New Worlds Production in a collaboration with sound artist Demetrio Castellucci and lighting choreographer Darren Johnston, and was developed through Barbican’s Open Lab programme and at Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania and performed at the Asylum in co-production with Ovalhouse, London, Act Festival Bilbao and Scenofest at the World Stage Design Festival in Taipei.