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Lovely trailer for Well.... This was shot during work-in-progress showing at Circus Space, London, Spring 2013.

This was a dance and aerial piece which was about arsneic posioning in Bangladesh. It was on a UK tour in 2013.

There were two aerialist and one dancer who had to play various roles throughout the piece without leaving the stage for quick changes. This was also a touring work and therefore the only staging was a series of pots and the aeiral equipment. The costumes therefore had to not only set the place, (i.e. bangladesh) but also be able to demonstrate changes in character as well as the different requirements for the movement involved. The base costumes were a mix of traditional pattern cutting from the region for dance with different elements added, for example scarves or the aerial silk becoming the wedding sari. I used a simple colour palate with the base costumes the colour of the delta soil and Atla to dye the hands of one of the performers, both as a symbol of marriage and the posions effects.


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