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I have been working on a short dance film shot in July 2014 and currently in post production.

This piece was a collaboration between dancer Masumi Saito, Director Judy Jacob and myself. In this piece we were making a piece around the idea of 3 in relationship to womenhood. Using a cuclical narrative of starting and ending in the same position we were exploring the idea of generations, starting a new generation and how pregnancy elevates this role.

In regards to the costume and design I looked at creating a flexible piece which was manipulted by the dancer to alter the physical space and the body. The piece was cut from three pieces and extended 3 m longer than the dancer, this could then be manipulated externally and also from with the piece. I looked at creating a piece that could both extend the body creating tall/ strong sihouettes but could also envelope the dancer creating a comforting/ nurturing space.

This piece is in post production and without seeing the final edit I am relectant to reflect on the outcome.


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