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Laban Movement Study

During my recent residency at the Point, Eastleigh we worked closely with movement specialist Joe Wild looking at how using Laban techniques can inform our understanding of the the movement of our designs.

In this study I looked at applying different factors to work out which effort directed the character/ narrative of the costume object. This head piece forces you to stand with your back slightly bent with restricted visual. Here I am exploring the effort 'pushing' which is a direct, strong and sustainded movement. Often when you are analysising different movements in people you can apply a couple of efforts for example someone moving very slowly but with a nervous twitch in their fingers. With this character in later developments of the movement I added a localised movement with the hands which were direct, light and sudden. (See BNW page for film example)

Having spent only a few days intensely studing Laban techniques and how to apply them to the movement of the objects I would like to further my knowledge.

How do you use Laban ideas of planes of movement to direct a design outcome?

How do the efforts create a movement from the object?

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